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Metro Atlanta Pop-Up Calendar


  • 6th | 9-12 | DHA Farmer's Market | Dunwoody
  • 7th | 10-1 | Banjo Lounge | Avondale
  • 11th | 4-7 | Tucker Farmer's Market | St. Andrews
  • 12th | 3-6 | Patagonia | Beltline
  • 14th | 12-6 | 17 Georgia Ave SE | Summerhill
  • 20th | 9-1 | Oakhurst Farmer's Market | Sceptre Brewing Co
  • 25th | 4-7 | Tucker Farmer's Market | St. Andrews
  • 27th | 9-12 | DHA Farmer's Market | Dunwoody
  • 28th | 10-1 | Banjo Lounge | Avondale


  • 2nd | 6-11 | Chefs Market | Pullman Yards
    4th | 9-12 | Banjo Lounge | Avondale
  • 8th | 4-7 | Tucker Farmer's Market | St. Andrews 
  • 9th | 3-6 | Patagonia | Beltline
  • 10th | 9-12 | Embry Hills UMC
  • 14th | 5-9 | GVG Block Party | the Boulevard @ Grant Park
  • 17th | 9-1 | Oakhurst Farmer's Market | Sceptre Brewing Co
  • 18th | 9-12 | Banjo Lounge | Avondale
  • 22nd | 4-7 | Tucker Farmer's Market | St. Andrews
  • 24th | 9-12 | DHA Farmer's Market | Dunwoody
  • 31st | 9-1 | Oakhurst Farmer's Market | Sceptre Brewing Co

Joyful Jarra Brings Sustainability to Shipping

You can shop online with us and get all your personal care and household refill products shipped right to you!


Online ordering step 2

Your First Refills

On your first order of any refill products, you can choose from either the New Container or Free Upcycled Container for each product you're purchasing.

New Container: Brand new glass bottle or jar that cost $2.00-5.00 depending on the size.

Free Upcycled Container: Clean, repurposed glass, aluminum, or plastic bottle or jar.


Online ordering step 3

Your Refills Arrive

Your order will be shipped and delivered to you via USPS* with sustainable packaging - all of it reused/repurposed, recyclable and compostable materials.

*USPS is the only carrier that drives by your house almost everyday no matter what, so we're not adding emissions to the equation.

Online ordering step 3

Send 'em on Back!

Pack your empty containers into the box, place the included return label on the box, and send via USPS - at no charge to you.

Online ordering step 4

Refills Reorder

Place another order using the "Free Upcycled Container" option.

Coming Soon...

You'll be able to choose a Subscribe + Save option to have refills automatically shipped/delivered on your schedule.



  • Avondale
  • Decatur
  • Candler Park
  • Kirkwood
  • Inman Park
  • Reynoldstown
  • Dunwoody

At check out, click Ship, enter address, and directly below, select Local delivery.

  • Your Eco-Friendly Haven

    Step into a world of sustainability with Joyful Jarra, your go-to source for the highest quality Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and essentials for Sustainable Living. As your trusted Low Waste Store, we're here to elevate your eco-friendly living journey.

  • Explore Sustainable Living with Us

    At Joyful Jarra, we curate a collection of natural, non-toxic, and zero-waste wonders to uplift your home and personal care routine. As a proud woman-owned, Latina-owned small business of Atlanta, our commitment goes beyond just products; we offer a sustainable lifestyle experience.

  • Say Goodbye to Waste

    Ditch single-use plastics! Our natural cleaning products, sustainable soaps and detergents, and eco personal care items are perfect for those seeking an online low waste shop. Our physical store is mobile, serving neighborhoods all around metro Atlanta. The Joyful Jarra refillery is your haven for sustainable living.

  • More Than a Store - Commitment to Inclusive Employment

    Joyful Jarra is not just a business; it's a commitment to neurodiversity and inclusive employment. Join us in redefining clean living and building a better, more inclusive world. We are here to usher in a cleaner, greener, more impactful, more joyful way of living!